UCLA Admission Statistics - Get an Overview of the 2021 College Acceptance Rates

Prospective college students are often interested to know what their chances of acceptance into a prestigious university might be, such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Obtaining information about UCLA's acceptance rate for 2021 can provide insight into the likelihood of being admitted.

ucla acceptance rate

Review the Overall College Acceptance Rate

The overall acceptance rate for UCLA in 2021 was 11.2%, with nearly 132 600 applications submitted and only 14,992 students accepted. This means more than 115,000 applications were denied admission out of the total applications received. Despite the low acceptance rate, it is essential to remember that many factors play into the admissions process, such as grades and SAT/ACT scores– so students may still be admitted if they meet specific criteria for successful applicants.

Look at Admitted Student Statistics by Major

In addition to understanding the UCLA overall acceptance rate for 2021, students may want to look at admitted student statistics broken down by majors. Each major will have its own admissions criteria, and knowing what students in a particular field may need to be accepted can be helpful. For example, students interested in computer science should note that among all Computer Science applicants, 65.7% were offered admission compared to the overall rate of 11%. Similarly, applicants interested in Math and Statistics had an 81.7% acceptance rate, while they earned a 61% acceptance rate for graduate Film & Television Production Program applicants.

Determine Your Eligibility and Check Your Options for Financial Aid

Knowing what acceptance rate UCLA has for 2021 is essential, but it's equally important to understand your eligibility and check your options for applying for financial aid. Search online or contact the UCLA Financial Aid Office for more information about scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance that may be available to you. Applying for aid can be complicated, so ensure you have all the necessary information before submitting your application.

Consider Other Important Factors Outside of Statistics When Deciding On Schools to Apply To

While the acceptance rate at UCLA can give you an idea of your chances of being admitted, it's essential to consider other factors, such as the campus culture, student environment, and course offerings, before applying. Evaluate what kind of community you would be most comfortable in, and make sure you have researched all the schools on your list. Visit campus if possible or contact current students for their advice and insights. Taking the extra step to narrow your college choices will ensure that the school you eventually choose fits you best.

Prepare for Your College Entrance Exams & Take Advantage of UCLA Prep Courses and Resources

To be seriously considered for admission to UCLA, you should have good test scores and a solid academic record. Take advantage of the resources UCLA offers, such as the preparation courses and practice tests so that you can score well on entrance exams. In addition to your GPA and exam scores, other application materials like letters of recommendation and assignment can help create a complete picture of who you are and why you’d make an ideal candidate for the school.