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At Assignment Help Services, the privacy of our users matters a lot to us. We respect the privacy of every user who comes to our website for varied reasons, so it is our primary responsibility to protect them in the best possible way. We at Assignment Help Services are highly committed to secure your account and secure your personal information and make sure that we will handle your personal information securely and carefully. We strive hard to comply with all applicable concerned Privacy Laws and take measures so our Team is aware of their obligations. In addition to this, the following should give you a viable understanding on how we will be able to collect and use customer information.

The Information We Gather

The collection of the information from our users primarily depends on what type of service they want to receive from us. We ask for all the useful and needful information when we say that we gather information from our users. This might include the name of the users along with their date of birth and gender status. Others details like their phone numbers and contact details as well as method of payment and purchase/order details are also a part of the information we collect from our users. We also have the right to track the interests of our users and know what actually they want to purchase so that we can offer them products/services as per their needs.

The Method We Utilize to Gather User’s Information has a full right to collect any data or content in the form of written texts, pictures and images shared or given directly by our users. For example, we have a full authority to store all the information that our users provide to us while filling out the form to make their assignment orders, subscribing to our emails or looking for the feedback in a response to their queries. The user’s participation in our Rewards or discount program also allows us to collect the information from them.

Outside of information that our users enter at during the day or night time, we have a full right to collect and store their various types of information by showing the pop-up of cookies and doing it active automatically when our users visit our website and stay some time there. Cookies are generally alphanumeric identifiers that are commonly placed on the hard drive of the users’ computer through the web browser they are currently using.

The acceptance of cookies is set by default in most of browsers. Make sure to set your browser in a mode from where it can disable or warn you if the situation of the utilization of cookies is made in order to avoid the receiving of cookies. We advise our users to leave their Cookies enabled so that we can easily recognize their browser and come in a form of offering the best use of

Why There Is A Need To Collect The Information

There are plenty of reasons for collecting the information from our users. Some of the most common ones include the improvisation of the delivery procedure of our products and services to our customers, helping our users to complete other important and useful transactions on their behalf, helping them to enjoy a safe and secure purchasing without being fooled by any fraud activity, as well as coming up with some attractive discounts and offers that talk about the benefits and interests of our users.

With Whom We Share The Information With

We are highly strict against the practice of selling the personal information of our users to any third parties. However, we are not bound to share the personal details of our users to the companies which act as an important part of our service delivery. This information can be in the form of name, phone number and address of our users and these companies might include third party fulfillment contractors, major delivery firms, reputed mail houses, independent review organizations as well as several reliable authorities. We at make sure that these third parties are as serious and concern as we are to protect the personal information of our users.