Terms of Use- Assignment Help Services

The Terms of Use, as modified from time to time, are a kind of binding contract/agreement between Assignment Help Services (We) and the User (you), who can be anyone among the parents, guardians or students and any other individual who are willing to use the services of our website. It is the sole responsibility of our user (you) to check out and agree to our Terms and Conditions, including Privacy Policy, before getting involved in the utilization of our services through our website or getting engaged in any features, software, applications, software of our website. Once you decide to make the use of any portion of our website (collectively, known as The “Service”), it means that you agree to our Terms of Use. Please don’t use our Service if you have any doubts or disagree to our Terms of Use.

Description of Service; Minimum Requirement Needs to Be Fulfilled

Before using any of our services, users (parents, guardians or students) must agree with the conditions mentioned below:

  1. If you are a student you should be at least 10 years of old. Being our user, it is important for you to be mature enough to your decision on your own while entering into any of our contracts.

  2. The user engages into this contract on his/her own desires without being forced by anyone else.

  3. Once an individual shows his/her interest in any of our products seen at our website on behalf of any entity or an organization, then he or she would take the complete responsibility of agreeing with all our Terms of conditions on behalf of that entity or an organization.

  4. That user/individual must have a full understanding of Assignment Help Services’ Terms of Use, which are mentioned here at our website (Assignmenthelpservices.com). He or she is highly advisable to read out the information mentioned on the page of Terms of Use before getting into our contract.

Modifications to Terms of Use

  • Procedure. Assignmenthelpservices.com has the full right to make any sort of modifications and changes in any pages of Terms of use whenever they want. Making any changes in our Terms and conditions will serve itself as a notification to you about any material change in our terms.

  • Your Obligation to Stay Connected With Us. You as a user always get connected with Assignmenthelpservices.com with the correct and updated information in order to avoid any unwanted discrepancies in future. Apart from this, you are highly advisable to go through the page of our Terms of Use regularly (it would be good if you do it at least once in a month) to put your eyes on the regularly changing content in our Terms.

Changes/Modifications to Service

We at Assignmenthelpservices.com also have the full authority to discontinue the service of our users (you) or stop them from accessing to our website without giving them any prior notice regarding the same. Our company has all the needful rights to make any changes or remove anything from the part of our services whenever we want, and, in this regard, we are not liable to inform our users by sending any kind of notice.

Posting Content on the Pages of Services; Representations & Warranties

  • All the content that can be in any form posted at our website is secured by Intellectual Property Rights. Any sort of content right from the service page to the representatives and warranties, including pictures, personal details like name, phone number and address, text, software, applications, video, animated video audio, graphics and music as well as other activities of authorship (which is known as the content if used in the collective form) is given the complete protection against any suspicious activities or fraud activities and secured by intellectual property rights of Assignmenthelpservices.com or its licensors.

  • Your Warranties & Representations related to Your Content. It is very important to warrant and represent the following points when you initiate publishing or displaying (“posting”) any type of Content on the Service of Assignmenthelpservices.com:

    1. Make sure to carry the needful rights for the content you provide to us otherwise it is your responsibility to grant Asssignmenthelpservices.com the useful rights if you try to get associated with us in any way.

    2. You are highly responsible for clearing the payment for all the charges, including admin costs, liable taxes, packaging costs, fees of clearance, and any sort of other monetary compulsions creating with the utilization of any kind of Assignmenthelpservices’ content.

    3. Whether you are an individual or a party – it is your responsibility to grant permission from the other party (who can be your parent, guardian or someone else who has the right to allow you to use our content as described in Assignmenthelpservices.com’s Terms of Use.

    4. We are highly strict against accepting any kind of offensive content, so it is your responsibility to take care of it. Make sure that your content doesn’t include any information that doesn’t comply with the standards of our intellectual property rights.

Brief Introduction to the Service Agreement Conditions:

Our Terms and Conditions page includes the Service Contract/Agreement, which is completely authentic and means to the services registered online at our website – Assignmenthelpservices.com. Right from the time when user makes the purchase of any available packages at our website the Contract/Agreement will take into effect. With this move, all the previous versions of the Service Contract made between the company (Assignmenthelpservices.com) and users (you) would be replaced.

The User and Assignment Help Services are generally referred here as individually as the “Party” and collectively as “Parties”.


  • Assignmenthelpservices.com is an online assignment help company with a mission to satisfy the homework needs of many school and college going students.

  • The utilization of the authentic software and business techniques takes place by Assignmenthelpservices.com when it comes to benefitting our users (students, guardians or any other individual who uses our website.

  • The details user provides us while filling our online registration form will decide their engagement in our business.

  • The engagement of the user with Assignmenthelpservices.com will occur only for fulfilling his/her own requirements including school and college assignments, homework and project.

  • We believe that our users agree with the agreement made between our users and us and they don’t have any doubts related to its accuracy and genuineness. The contract has clear and transparent information in the page of Terms of Use, which makes sure that our users will get the best possible assignment/homework help services from us.

Scope of Work and User’s Engagement:

  • In order to buy any of the homework help service packages available at our website Assignmenthelpservices.com, User has to pay the full amount.

  • The User will be liable to act and follow the Terms of Use as clearly mentioned in the document of our company.

  • We don’t take any responsibility for any sort of loss of data from your laptop/desktop computers or any other device you are using to browse our website once we are done with delivering the assignment order to your email.

  • We are also not liable to take the responsibility if any students don’t get the success in their assignments or exams as our help with assignment is a subjective matter. But, we assure you to get your assignment projects done right from the best subject matter experts.

  • In case if you (students) don’t receive the expected grades, we are ready to make unlimited revisions at no cost only in a case if our assignment writers left some mistakes during the initial levels. However, we don’t promise to refund the money after delivering the assignment solution since it is considered as the product sold to the student.

  • The writing papers and essays provided as the assignment help from us are primarily meant only for reference and research purposes and Assignmenthelpservices.com doesn’t have any problem of their usage as a proper reference purpose. Our company is not liable for the utilization of the written project/assignments provided by us to the customer.

  • Students are allowed to approach Assignmenthelpservices.com in a seek for the best quality and affordably-priced homework essays, research papers and detailed, detailed and descriptive thesis as well as other writing papers assistance, which they can only use for their research purposes. We are not liable to deliver any written work that claims to improve the student’s final grade.

Quick Overview on Plan’s Payments & Pricings:

  • The price (s) of the assignment help package (s) may vary from time to time without giving any notifications to the User who would be availed of an opportunity to increase his/her income through our website – Assignmenthelpservices.com. Thus, the User is fully liable to complete the verification check for the same on our website on a regular basis. The engagement into our Agreement/Contract allows our users to create a User Account from where he or she can also access the Dashboard and track all the information related to their project.

  • The price of homework help service package would be decided by the panel of experts (from the company – Assignmenthelpservices.com). Apart from this, the price of our assignment package/plan can go upward or downward anytime as per the competition of the current market.

  • The User would be liable to verify and inspect price of the package charged by the company himself/herself and in case if any discrepancies are noticed, he or she should be immediately inform about the same to Assignmenthelpservices.com. The company will do the verification on its hand and will response to the User within the time period of 7 days after receiving the User’s complain. The company feels pleasure to make the correction in the price of the package (s), if required and will provide the corrected one to the User shortly.

  • Assignmenthelpservices.com is also liable to keep the assignment of the user (student) on hold if the payment made by the User is found to be incomplete by the account management team of the company.

  • Payment modes may vary when it comes to clearing the payment for any plan/package available on the website of Assignmenthelpservices.com. Our users can choose their plan and pay for it through Paypal.

  • We at Assignmenthelpservices.com use only the registered payment gateways to help users to enjoy a secure and safe purchasing experience.

Obligations of The Service Provider:

  • Any information, including the price of the plan/package or other terms of this document is not liable to be shared by the User with any third party without the permission of the company – Assignmenthelpservices.com.

  • Assignmenthelpservices.com requires at least 10-15 working days to deliver the assignment of an individual after receiving the payment. No work or assignment will be given to the User on any Holidays and non-working days. No services will be activated on these days.

  • Assignmenthelpservices.com proudly offer the free unlimited revisions option to our users in case if they are not happy with the work provided by our writers and authors. The User agrees that he or she will give us at least the duration of minimum 24 hours to allow our experts to fulfill the user's revision requests. But, Assignmenthelpservices.com doesn’t commit to provide revisions without charging a reasonable amount in case if the user deviates from the initial instructions shared by him/her with us while submitting the form at Assignmenthelpservices.com.

  • In case of any queries or concerns, the User can feel free to write us at support@assignmenthelpservices.com. We at Assignmenthelpservices.com value our customers, so our representatives will contact you within 24 working hours and our optimum possible resolution will meet you within 48 hours.

User’s Obligations:

  • If the User gets into any modifications/changes that could harm or damage the services/Business Solutions, then he or she should inform the same immediately to Assignmenthelpservices.com.

  • The company is liable to take any legal action if the User is found to get engaged in using any products of services of Assignmenthelpservices.com illegally. The User also has no right to use any restricted activity to conduct any unauthorized/illegal/prohibited activity under applicable laws.

  • A fake/false identity is not welcomed here at Assignmenthelpservices.com by the User’s hand to use any of the Assignmenthelpservices.com’s products and services. This would be considered as an act to mislead others.

  • It is the sole responsibility of our users to take care of the security and privacy of their account on their own since we at Assignmenthelpservices.com are not responsible for any wrong activities.

  • The User is not liable to disassemble, decrypt, decode, de-compile, or in any other way derive the source from Assignmenthelpservices.com’s Intellectual Property.

Terms & Termination:

  • With the purchase of an assignment service plan/package available at the website of our company, you will become our valued customer and your package will work out for the time unless we deliver its copy on your email or until it is not cancelled by the company after finding it breaching the terms and conditions of this document.

  • We here at Assignmenthelpservices.com has a right to terminate the plan/package in whole in case if the User breaches our Terms of Use.

  • The termination of the plan/package offered by the company should compliance with the terms of use of this document.

  • Notice of Termination. It is our desire to post the notice of termination or cancellation of our user’s account on our website Assignmenthelpservices.com or inform him/her using the email id stored in our database.

Confidentiality of the Party’s Information

  • All the confidential information of our users, including parents/students/guardians/or any other individuals who have a desire to take our service are protected and secured with us and we ensure them not to disclose them to anyone else for any reason.

  • The Individual has a right to contact us immediately in case if he or she finds us breaching the Party confidentiality’s obligations and we at Assignmenthelpservices.com ensure to provide him/her with the needed assistance for the same as required in this required.

  • In order to maintain the decorum of the confidentiality with regards to all the personal details including, but not limited to their name, contact number, personal information, email id, or any other sort of confidential information that may have been obtained from the third party source or while opting to hire the services of our portal named Assignmenthelpservices.com, all the parties involved in this business should have the responsibility in an equal ratio.


The usage of our website Assignmenthelpservices.com makes sure that you will also obey all the rules and regulations set by our website, their officers, attorneys, subsidiaries, directors, affiliates as well as each of their respective successors. You as a user also call them “Indemnified Persons” collectively and will be fully liable to indemnify them for all the harms, loses, damages, expenses and other important liabilities, including the fees and charges that will be asked by the attorneys or any other legal persons.