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Several Major Areas We Cover in Engineering

Problem-solving skills and innovative ideas are the must-have abilities required to tackle all the problems related to various fields and subjects in engineering. In short, the area of Science and Mathematics is explored to connect with the practical world's problems and bring improvements and developments to the atmosphere around us in a technological way.

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Civil Engineering

This branch of engineering primarily concentrates on the creation, design, ideas, and maintenance of buildings, structures, and monuments. However, both naturally oriented and human-made systems are covered in this field. So, the branch of civil engineering covers water resources, environmental, structural, and transport engineering.

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Electrical Engineering

Electricity engineering focuses on the study of electrical instruments or a survey of the application of electronics, electromagnetism, or electricity. This branch consists of various areas, including power engineering, electronics, and computer engineering.

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Chemical Engineering

Pursuing this field of engineering helps you to learn how to transform any chemically or biologically important substance into a working form. Several significant parts of chemical engineering include processing, molecular and bio-molecular engineering.

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Mechanical Engineering

Students get a chance to develop their knowledge and skills on the mechanical portion of the subject in this area of engineering. This branch majorly covers the usage of the automated system of machines and their ideas, creation, and design. The major sub-branches of mechanical engineering comprise of the power plant, vehicle, manufacturing, and thermal engineering.

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