Top Four Online Tools for Assignment Writing

Assignment writing, whether it is in the form of an essay or a dissertation is not a walk in the park unless you have some hands-on tools to do it perfectly.

Being a student, we all have faced the painstaking task of writing essays, assignments, case studies, and many more of their type within the given time.

Fear of plagiarism may pang your head and the overburden of tons of assignments sometimes feels excruciating.

You find no other way but to give up and copy text from various sources just to get away with the assigned tasks.

But don’t you feel that while writing loads of assignments, you lose the quality of writing?

Doesn’t your words, after some time feels like a caricature without any life?

If you feel like the other students and want to resolve this problem, read the article thoroughly as I am going to enlist the top five plagiarism checking and article rewriters that will help you with your assignment writing.

Assignment Writing Tools

Does a good writing skill make your assignment plagiarism-free?

Plagiarism always lurks in the minds of students like a tormenting wave and makes them extremely vulnerable.

Plagiarism appears in your work because of the content you copy from other resources and write it in your assignments.

In simpler words, plagiarism is stealing someone’s ideas therefore, it is too bad to be kept outside your content.

Nevertheless, a sense of style coupled with a pith of subject together forms a prolific writer.

A creative and unique expression that leaves an impression on the reader appears from unrestrained yet polished skills of shaping ideas into words.

These skills can make you stand out in the class as your assignment will speak for you, but actually, it is extremely difficult to synchronize your mind with the written expression.

Even a good writer makes mistakes, moreover, you sometimes, don’t even know if you have copied someone unknowingly. Hence, good writing skills are not enough.

So, it is better to reconsider your writing strategy and try using a plagiarism checker and if you find any duplicate content, you can paraphrase your assignment later.

Does paraphrasing help in writing unique assignments?

The answer to this question is a yes. Paraphrasing is restating the written text differently.

In this way, your text becomes plagiarism-free because it does not contain any copied words.

Manual paraphrasing is also a skill that you can learn by practicing.

Having a good grasp of the language and a sound knowledge of words and phrases can help you with paraphrasing your assignments.

But it takes time and effort to first sharpen your skill. In addition, manual paraphrasing itself takes much time regardless of your skill.

So what you should do?

You should move towards online paraphrasing tools that do your paraphrasing work in seconds.

    You can augment your assignment writing with some other benefits such as:
  1. Online paraphrasing saves time.

  2. They make your assignments plagiarism-free.

  3. They reduce the effort of assignment writing.

  4. They help you understand different synonyms and substitute sentences.

  5. Therefore, the best strategy is you use online tools to assist you in your assignments.

What are the top Four tools for assignment writing?

    Here is a list of the top Four tools:
  1. Plagiarism Checker.

  2. Article Rewriter

  3. Paraphrase tool.

  4. Article Rewriter Pro.

1- Plagiarism Checker

This free online plagiarism checker is a detector that comprehends your text and fetches every nook and cranny of the internet to compare your text with any similar content.

Every text is susceptible to plagiarism unless you verify it through checking. Moreover, copied content is very common in universities and colleges.

Nevertheless, this online plagiarism checker works with unprecedented efficiency while scanning your assignments.


Basic features of this online plagiarism checker:

  1. Great free word limit: Many online plagiarism checkers come with a subscription package as a prerequisite. Another way around, you can also see some plagiarism detectors that are free but come with a small word limit. This online plagiarism checker is the best in that case because it gives 5000 words word limit.
  2. Single sentence checking: This tool checks each sentence for plagiarism and produces detailed results. It showcases the plagiarized content with its source that you can cite later. Being a versatile tool, it provides a percentage of unique and plagiarized content.
  3. Provides a keyword density: Not every plagiarism checker provides this wide range of uses. This tool not only gives a detailed report but also tells the keyword density of your text to analyze your content.

2- Article Rewriter:

As the name suggests, an article rewriter is an online tool that rewrites an article. The article is a generic word for any essay, research, case study, or any kind of assignment.

Article ReWriter

You may have noticed that the assignments you get from your teachers do not have a simple answer. You have to search for different resources to do it.

Once you have got the material from different sources, you can arrange it in a word file may be or can directly paste it in the article rewriter.

After pasting it, you can rephrase your text and totally change its syntax and lexicon. You can see a new article with different wording written so naturally as if some human has written it.

Basic features of an article rewriter:

  1. Developed with AI: AI stands for artificial intelligence, a technology that deals with the development of machines that can think like humans. That said, this article rewriter does not think like humans rather it paraphrases the text that looks like human writing.
  2. Free to use: An article rewriter is a free-of-cost tool because you can use it without paying any money. It does not ask for any registration. Moreover, you can rephrase a 1500 words article in one go.
  3. Three-tier paraphrasing: This article rewriter changes your paraphrases your text in three different modes depending upon the efficacy you need. Its three modes of working are:
    • Word Changer
    • Sentence Changer
    • Plagiarism Remover

3- Paraphrase Tool:

A fast and efficient tool designed to do your paraphrasing tasks with accuracy. This tool rewords your duplicate text to make it unique.

Paraphrase tool

Basic features of the Paraphrase tool:

  1. Superfast paraphrasing: This tool comes in handy when you need super-fast results. Moreover, this tool works out the best specimen of your original text.
  2. Multi-language option: Most tools do not give you varied language options but this paraphrasing tool provides 7 different languages such as English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian.
  • Paraphrasing tool: It is another rephrase tool developed by the plagiarism checker. co. This tool employs the best-known techniques to restate your text.
  • Paraphrasing Tool

    Basic features of paraphrasing tool:

    1. Multi-lingual tool: You can use this tool to paraphrase in 9 languages. These languages are: English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, French.
    2. Paid tool: This paraphrasing tool is paid as you have to buy plans to do paraphrasing.

    4- Article Rewriter Pro:

    Article rewriter pro removes copied content from your text by rewriting it. This tool rewords the old text completely into a new form.

    Article Rewriter Pro

    Basic Features of article rewriter pro:

    1. Download option: You can download your result easily in pdf or doc file format.
    2. Suggest new words: It has a wonderful option of replacing words after rephrasing the text. In this way, it gives you leverage to replace extra words based on your preference.


    Assignment writing is a hectic task for almost all students whether irrespective of their skills and academic qualification.

    Therefore, smart tools like online plagiarism checkers and paraphrasing tools are used to remove plagiarism and make wonderful assignments. You can choose a tool of your liking but make sure it suits you the best.