Linking words or Connecting Words with Examples

Linking words, also known as connecting words or transition words, are words or phrases that connect ideas, sentences, and paragraphs together to create a cohesive and logical flow of information.

Meaning of Linking Words

Linking words are the words or phrases which help to connect two or more sentences. They help us to define the relationship between different phrases or sentences. They can also be used as comparing phrases or contrasting phrases or provides an explanation of a sentence or a phrase.

Linking words

Importance of Learning Linking words

The solution to this one is genuinely clear. In the event that you don't have a clue about an assortment of connecting words to associate thoughts together in a piece of composing, then, at that point, you're composing won't seem OK. In the absolute best case here, your pursuer will end up being befuddled and neglect to follow the message you are attempting to get across in your composition, on the grounds that the pieces of message that ought to commonly fit together, simply will not without the connecting words there to interface them

All in an all, you know what they are and why you want to know them - however what are a few instances of connecting words? We could never incorporate them all since there are in a real sense hundreds, however ideally by featuring a few models and showing their significance in a sentence, you'll have the option to comprehend the assignment work they accomplish all the more plainly and center around learning a few different ones for yourself.

Examples of Linking Words


They are the words that simply help to add some additional information to sentence or phrases. Some of the words which acts as a connector are- and, nor, then etc.

For examples:

We could go out to shop first then, at that point, get some food - 'then, at that point' shows that the two thoughts are associated, it additionally adds an arrangement to the sentence by showing the request for things.


They are the words which help to contrast two or more sentences or phrases. They are helpful for connecting phrases or sentences which are totally contrast to each other. Some of the words are- but, although, on the other hand

For examples:

Carrots appeared to be the rabbits favored food. Then again, lettuce was picked second most often and the thing that matters were minor - 'then again' shows obviously to the pursuer that an alternate perspective is coming.

Linking words to support a point:

They are the words which are used to explain a phrase or provide an explanation to a sentence. They are also used to proof a sentence or the cause of the sentence. Some of the linking words which are used to support a point are- because, in fact, since etc.

For examples:
  1. I might have accomplished something in an unexpected way, indeed we as a whole could have - 'truth be told' shows that the two thoughts are connected together and support each other.
  2. Jack had been pitiful since his sweetheart said a final farewell to him - 'since' is being utilized here to clarify why Jack was dismal, so it connects the thoughts once more.


These linking words are used to indicate the sequence of events or the timing of actions. For examples: "firstly," "secondly," and "finally."


These linking words are used to emphasize or highlight a point. For examples: "indeed," "in fact," and "certainly."


These linking words are used to clarify a point or idea. For examples: "in other words," "to put it differently," and "that is to say."


Linking words (Connecting words) are something we want to know in any way of composing, since it assists the pursuer with following the progression of what you are talking about. Whether it's a contention in an exposition, or an epic scene in a dream novel, your pursuer should have the option to follow what you are talking about.