Application for Assignment Extension

Assignment extension

Late assignments may incur a penalty of 5% of total assignment marks each day if they are not submitted by the due date, but only in cases where exceptional circumstances can be shown with supporting documentation (for up to 14 days). Incomplete assignments will be allowed with a reduction in a grade commensurate with the level of completion. After 14 days have passed, we cannot accept your late assignment.

If the Dean of Students, Law, and Business, determines that an individual was or will be incapable or unwilling, for healthcare or compassionate reasons, or as a result of extraordinary cases, to complete the assignment on the specified due date, the Head of School may extend the due date, conduct a special assessment, or give the candidate other consideration.

Please be aware that under recent faculty policy changes, the School Head or the Head of the Faculty must now authorize requests for Assignment Extensions, Special Arrangements, and Special Consideration. There is a change in policy that prevents professors from granting extensions. This is done so that extensions are approved in a uniform and fair manner.

Assignment Extension

Application for assignment

Any request for an extension, special assessment, or special consideration must be submitted to the Head of School no later than one day before the relevant assignment unless there is sufficient reason why the request could not have been made in time.

Once graded assignments have been delivered to class, extensions are rarely allowed. If for whatever reason the extension request cannot be processed by this date, the lecturer may assign another form of assessment.

If a student anticipates problems with submitting assessment tasks, they should immediately notify the lecturer or Head of School to discuss appropriate arrangements, due dates, etc. for submitting such assessment items. It's possible that a student's request for an extension, special evaluation, or special consideration would be denied. If they wait until the last minute to submit it, citing reasons that they should have been able to anticipate.

If a student requires an extension, alternative evaluation, or other changes due to illness or a medical condition, they must present a medical certificate.

If a student is seeking an extension, for reasons other than medical necessity, they must include a statutory declaration setting forth the facts upon which their application is based, as well as any supporting evidence that is readily available. Considerable compassion may be justified based on:

  • Cause of death: a family member or other close relationship
  • A member of the family or a close relative is in critical condition.
  • Involvement in a minor accident where no one was hurt.
  • Significant and unforeseen difficulties and challenges at work.

The University administration has no intention of snooping into students' private life, but they must have adequate evidence to back the application. Students concerned about their anonymity should receive help from qualified, unrelated, responsible persons. University counselor’s are available to assist you in a secure and confidential setting.

Compassionate request documentation includes:

  • Obituary
  • Recommendation letter from the workplace
  • Proclamation

Incident Report

Students requesting an extension should know that university counselors cannot frequently provide supporting documentation for compassionate reasons unless the student visits them beforehand. If a student skips class to attend a sporting event, go on vacation, or participate in another activity in which he or she has control, no extension, special review, or special consideration will be granted. However, uncontrollable situations may be considered.

Applications for late submission of assignments due to last-minute contingencies might only be considered if accompanied by a SUBSTANTIALLY completed assigned task on the date set, as assignments are typically given at the beginning of the semester or at a time a bit before the due date, and will often involve several elements. In cases when the delayed submission of an assignment is permitted and the student is still expected to have completed significant portions of the task, a penalty of near to 10% (of the assignment grade) each day (including weekends) may be imposed.