Anxiety Reduction Tips For Test and Exams

It is normal to have anxiety and nervousness before a test or exam. A little stress or nervousness is expected and is normal. But people with high anxiety issues should consult a doctor. Anxiety issues can reduce performance, and it can even affect health. It mostly happens that anxiety and nervousness come with the feeling of self-doubt. Self-doubt can lower confidence levels and can affect tests or exams. There are certain ways by which anxiety can be reduced.

Anxiety Reduction Tips

Ways to Redcuction Anxiety

  1. Prepare Well For Exams- It is important to prepare completely for exams that will help to maintain confidence and can encounter self-doubt. Complete preparations will help to relax the mind and will encourage to perform well in the exams.
  2. Relaxation Techniques- One can perform relaxation techniques like breathing in and out, relaxation of muscles, etc kind of techniques that will help to reduce anxiety and nervousness before the test. The use of relaxation techniques and drinking water can help to reduce anxiety.
  3. Eat Healthy Food- Eating healthy foods helps to calm the nerves. Hunger can irritate and can disturb peace of mind. Thus it can also lead to poor performance in tests. Eating some protein-rich food will help focus better.
  4. Exercise- Exercise maintains fitness and can also release tension. Regular exercise is important and also exercising during exam days can help to keep calm. Exercising daily freshen up the mind and body and releases stress maintaining the stability of the mind.
  5. A good amount of sleep- Good sleep plays a vital role. Preparation is important but besides preparation for exams, it is also important to get a good amount of sleep. Sleep helps to calm down the nerves and relaxes the body and mind that is beneficial for exams. A relaxed mind and body enhance the performance.

Many ways can be adapted to encounter anxiety before tests. Just before the test one can calm their nervousness by relaxing, taking deep breaths, and drinking water. This will help reduce anxiety before the test (Creswell, Waite, & Hudson, 2020). Lack of preparation, poor studying habits, past test performance are some reasons that can contribute to anxiety and nervousness before the exam. Sometimes the fear of failure or anxiety problems can also be the reason for stress and nervousness before the exam.

Meditation can be a good solution to reduce anxiety and nervousness before the test. If meditation is done regularly it can improve concentration power and will also help to keep calm. It helps to increase the presence of mind, and one can deal better with assignment questions in the exam. A positive attitude is another way that will help to reduce stress. Thinking of positive outcomes with proper preparation before the exams will lead to better performance. Practicing test papers can help to gain confidence which will enhance the overall performance. Some of these tips like meditation, a positive attitude towards oneself, and practicing test paper models can bring confidence to fight anxiety.

Practicing some of these tips can reduce stress and nervousness before a test (, 2021). Using some of the relaxation techniques, complete preparation, a good amount of sleep, eating healthy, and exercise can contribute to better performance and also helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness before the exams. It is also important to keep a check on the time and work accordingly. The last few minutes can be kept for revising the test papers and to correct the mistakes found. It is better to not focus on what other candidates are doing as it will cause distraction and can disturb the presence of mind. Therefore these tips and some points can be adopted to overcome anxiety and nervousness before giving a test or exam.


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