Addition Sentence – Connector in English

Addition Sentence Definition

Addition sentences are terms that comprise several values incorporated together to result in a sum. An addition sentence can be termed as a mathematical phrase that illustrates two or above values that are added simultaneously and their product. The expression 1+1= 2 is an example of an addition sentence.

An "addition sentence" is also used in English. This is a part that is used and included in a sentence to enhance its meaning of it. In addition, all his preparation and hard work paid off eventually- this is an example of an additional sentence.

Addition sentences

Addition Sentence Examples

Addition sentences are essentially mathematical terms. These terms illustrate two or additional numbers that are being included together and demonstrate their joint value.

The phrase comprises the “+” sign as well as the “=” sign. Every numeral in the addition sentence is known as a term. To detail additionally, there are some instances of some expressions:

  • 2 + 4 = 6
  • 1 + 2 + 6 = 9
  • 10+2+4=16

Addition sentences can also be used as a connector in English.

  • The park family has completely refurnished their living room with new hardware floors. In addition, they have also included new window planes to allow more sunlight.
  • Use fine waterproof glue in addition to the rivets.
  • Part-time English lessons are provided. In addition, scholars can take lessons in word-processing and calculation.

Missing Terms in Addition Sentence

In both factual life and mathematics class, a student may have to locate missing expressions in addition sentences.

For instance, in math assignments, a student may be inquired to discover the missing term in the sentence 3 + ? = 5. In factual life, a student may be given an "addition sentence", for instance 9 + 9 = ?. The missing phrase can be placed at any place. It might be the initial term, the second phase, the final term, or any phrase in the middle of the sentence.

In addition in English

Sentences are more than only a chain of terms. They are ideas, expressions, and stories. Sentences create language and offer it a personality. In addition, it is used when it is needed to mention a different element linked to the subject discussed in the sentence. For example, there is a packaging charge and postal price, and repair fee. The phrase "in addition" is also used to connect two separate sentences. He can speak English and French in addition to German.

A simple sentence including “in addition” has a subject as well as a verb, and it might moreover contain an object plus modifiers. Though, it has just one independent clause.

A compound sentence including "in addition" has as a minimum two independent clauses. These two independent clauses can be included with a comma and a coordinating juxtaposition or employing a semicolon.

A complex sentence including “in addition” has as a minimum one independent clause as well as a minimum one dependent clause. Dependent clauses can talk about the subject (who, which) the series/time (as, whilst), or the causal essentials (since, if) of the independent clause.

  • In addition to his home in London, he has a cottage in Paris and a palace in Scotland.
  • In addition to the assignment help from the renters, the money, at last, gave her earnings of her own, and the token autonomy that went with it.